Evercrete has a complete line of wonderful products. All of these products are environmentally friendly and economical to use. They not only enhance any projects, but ensure the quality of the concrete remains the same for years and years. No other product can out last or outperform authentic Evercrete products.

Deep Penetrating Sealer (DPS)
Evercrete DPS is an environmental friendly, non-toxic, odorless, clear, water-soluable liquid compound, which is safe and easy to use.


Top Seal (TS)
Evercrete TS is clear non-glossy one coat application water repellent that has the ability to extend the lifetime of concrete, natural stone such as sandstone or marble, paving, bricks and wood.

Top Seal Advanced(TSA)
Evercrete TSA is a non-toxic material, which penetrates the surface of both concrete and natural stone, which waterproofs the surface and prevents the formation of stains, mould and algae.


Everwood (EW)
Evercrete EW is an environmental friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, penetrating alkali activated silica aero gel that seals, hardens, and preserves most wood products.


Deep Clean (DC)
Evercrete DC system may be used full strength as an environmental alternative to muriatic and other acids for surface preparation and basic cleaning.


Polymer Modified Cementitious (PMC)
Evercrete PMC is an integrated polymer modified cementitious coating, which can be achieved by mixing a pre-packed dry-mixing powder with water, and painting the slurry on substrates.

Flexbile Modified Cementitious (FMC)
Evercrete FMC is a two-component latex modified cementitious coating, which can be achieved by mixing a pre-packed dry-mixing powder with a formulated flexible latex admixture, and brushing the slurry on substrates.

Rapid Repair Mortar (RRM)
Evercrete RRM is a high quality pre-mixed, shrinkage-compensated rapid-setting repair concrete.


Waterproofing Plaster (WP)
Evercrete WPis a high quality polymer modified mortar designed for internal and external wall plastering.

Skimcoat (SC)
Evercrete SC is a high quality modified trowellable mortar to provide a highly durable flat surface to receive coating finish.


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